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At Presisi Group, we have a comprehensive range of high quality injection molding machines to serve our customers in Indonesia and abroad, across various industries and for a wide range of applications.

The manufacturing process involves injecting thermoplastic materials into a mold to produce the desired component. Alongside production, we offer complementary services including post-molding services such as printing, stamping, finishing and light assembly.


ISO9001:2015 accredited for plastic injection molding


All types of prime thermoplastic materials, including high grade plastics processed


Bespoke technical moldings through our in-house mold shop


Dedicated post-molding department to support the injection molding process


Over 35 years of technical and trade experience in plastic injection molding


Quality monitored from receipt of raw materials through to final product release


Tools serviced between production runs, minimizing downtime


Regular investment in facilities, machines, equipment and people


Plastic Injection Molding


Our injection molding service was first established in 1983 and is the core of the business. It operates in two purpose-built areas out of our Cileungsi and Cimanggis plants to meet the demands of our extensive customer base. Both plants follow standard operating procedures in line with ISO9001:2015 standards.

Our facilities are home to a wide range of modern plastic injection molding machines, maintained to a high standard from 30 ton to 1050-ton clamp force. Our machines are organized by size to help scheduling. We also design our molds so that they can fit several of our machines wherever possible. That is so we can supply you with the best possible service and minimize downtime.

The facilities are manned by our competent, experienced and fully trained staff.

The operating hours for our injection molding operations are up to 24-hour days over three-shift pattern six days a week, providing us with flexibility to adjust production schedules as needed to meet our customers' requirements.

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Presisi has experience in injection molding using a wide range of thermoplastic materials. We have served customers across many different industries, providing us with the expertise to produce an extensive range of plastic products and components across diverse and often demanding applications.

To achieve our customers’ needs, we have developed the expertise to source, stock, and mold using a wide range of different thermoplastics, ranging from basic commodity polymers to high engineering grades.


We have established relationships with several major polymer suppliers and can offer solutions that meet your requirements through these partnerships.

Polymeric dye. Plastic pellets. Colorant


Quality assurance, control and monitoring processes are built into each aspect of Presisi Group's operations. This includes receipt of raw materials, molding, finishing, final inspection, delivery and administration.

Our Production Planning Inventory Control (PPIC) systems provides full trace-ability and complete flexibility. Our experience in working with companies of all sizes means we can tailor our production and delivery plans to suit our customers' needs.

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Presisi Group is one of the few Indonesian injection molding contract manufacturers to have a dedicated in-house mold design, manufacturing and maintenance division. This minimizes downtime and reduces costs by enabling all mold maintenance and repairs, as well as production trials to be done in-house.

We are also delighted to offer post-injection molding services such as packing, ultrasonic welding, printing, hot stamping, finishing and light assembly to produce finished parts for our customers. We are committed to being a trusted partner to our customers - we do the work so that you don't have to.

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