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At Presisi Group, we work with our customers from initial concept, through to injection mold design using 3D CAD, prototyping and engineering development-stage mold tooling.

As a large proportion of a project’s cost is at the tooling stage, we work with our customers to optimize the cost profile of each product’s design. We encourage our customers to consider tooling configuration at early stages of design. This ensures the tooling manufactured meets your expectations on both price and quality, whilst supporting production requirements.


Develop (incl. reverse engineering) and review the product design for manufacture


Provide options for mold tooling configurations


Advise on the optimum feed positions for manufacture and aethestics


Source and trial thermoplastic materials for your application


Select the most suitable material for your mold tooling


Advise on the most efficient number of cavities based on your production volume


Develop prototypes through in-house 3D printing and development mold tooling


Optimize the manufacturing process to meet your production requirements


Design and Developent


Many of our customers will come to us with well-established designs for plastic molded parts. However, we will still offer advice as required and challenge any areas where we believe savings may be possible. Fully detailed mold tools or modular insert systems are designed from the most suitable materials. This provides you with a quality product that meets your production demands while achieving the tool life that you require.

We also support those who have produced a 3D CAD Model (or have had one produced for them) but need help ensuring the part is suitable for the plastic injection molding process. This can include changes to the design, advice on materials to use and production of product impressions with development tooling to achieve optimal component cost profiles.

In situations where a customer comes to us with a component design without having selected materials, we are able to advise on suitable thermoplastic solutions to meet specific product requirements. This includes cost profile, flammability rating, UV stability, thermal parameters and strength of component.

We provide services to those with little or no injection moulding experience and with only a sketch or concept. This can often help during the early stages when designing your product for manufacture. It can also help evaluate the commercial feasibility of your injection moulding project.

Team Meeting
Polymeric dye. Plastic pellets. Colorant


On site, we provide a 3D printing service to bring your component to life. 3D printing allows our customers to assess market demand for products with full size or scaled down fully functional representations finished components or assemblies, in an ABS material.

3D prints are also used internally to assist our engineers in the tool-building process to understand key functions such as draft angles, feed points and complex shut off areas. 3D prints also assist our engineers when optimizing the injection molding process at the initial trial stage.

On-site mold shop can manufacture full development mold tooling to further enhance the service. Full development mold tooling provides dedicated temperature control, as well as the option of full side action movement and enhanced gating (feed point) options.

Our customers will often produce a single impression tooling to bring a component to market and trial various materials at the early stage of the development. Once the component fully meets requirements, these forms of tooling can be used for production until customers are ready to invest in full production tooling. This will often mean that multi-cavity molds are made to meet increased demand and/or to reduce costs.

3D printer prints red form.jpg
Injection Mold CAD.jpg


Our designers use mainly SOLIDWORKS from Dassault systems to enable end product and associated mold design and development.

SOLIDWORKS lets us conceptualize, create, validate, communicate, manage, and transform innovative ideas into optimal product and tooling designs. Presisi Group's investment into software enables us to shorten development time, reduce costs, and improve quality.

We recommend that our customers download the SOLIDWORKS eDrawing viewer to ease long-distance communication and collaboration throughout the design process. Click here to download from the eDrawing viewer.

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