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PT Presisi Cimanggis Makmur was founded by 5 initial personnel in April 1983, initially specializing in plastic injection molding and mold toolmaking. At the time, the company pioneered a new era in Indonesian plastic mold tool making by utilizing advanced technologies, including the CNC machining tool and the computerized NC tape preparation machine. 


In 1986, the company established its Plastic Injection Custom Molding Division to offer integrated services to its customers.

1993 marked the establishment of a second plant, PT Presisi Cileungsi Makmur. The new plant implemented the latest technology to meet the increasing needs of the market and to develop capabilities in molding engineered plastics for precision mechanical parts.

In 1997, Presisi Group diversified into the metal forming industry with the establishment of PT Presisi Cikarang Makmur. Click here for more details on Presisi's metal forming joint venture.

In 1998, Presisi Group was accredited with the ISO9001 quality management system certification by SGS. We were one of the first companies in Indonesia in our line of business to achieve such accreditation.

In 2006, Presisi Group joined IMDIA (Indonesia Mold and Die Association), allowing us to acquire new technologies and remain a leader in the Indonesian mold and die making industry. IMDIA also provides us with access to continued technical training for our employees.

Since the establishment of its first plant, Presisi Group has matured to become a key player in Indonesia's plastic injection mold toolmaking and molding industry.


Presisi Group strives to be the leader in the plastic injection molding and mold tool making industries.


Our corporate ethos emphasizes continuous improvement aimed at stimulating dynamic, prudent and sustainable growth through effective of its human and industrial resources.

To achieve this, we exercise stringent quality control, efficient use of resources, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. Our effective manufacturing resource planning systems allows consistent monitoring and control of our operations, ensuring the utmost efficiency and productivity.


Presisi Group encourages competence, strong work ethic, collaboration, and dedication to excellence across our entire team. We are committed to and regularly invest in continuous capability-building and improvement in each aspect of our operations.

We acknowledge the importance of having a team that is passionate about their work. We invest in our people to foster job satisfaction, a strong sense of ownership and collaboration within the company.

Our skilled engineers utilize the most cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best value-add solutions for plastic injection molded products. We continually eye the development of new technologies and market trends to ensure that we are at the forefront of the plastic injection mold and molding industry.

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