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ISO-certified Plastic Injection Molding and Mold Making
in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia

Presisi Group (PT Presisi Cileungsi Makmur and PT Presisi Cimanggis Makmur) is your trusted value-add partner for precision plastic injection molding. Based in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia, we have been at the forefront of Indonesia’s plastic injection molding and mold making industries for over 35 years.

As experts in our field we offer our wealth of knowledge and skills to our diverse customer base. We provide an end-to-end solution encompassing product design and development, mold tooling solutions and repeat production of injection molded products. Our customers span across multiple industries, ranging from automotive components and consumer electronics to medical technology and homewares.



Presisi Group offers end-to-end plastic injection molding services from design and development, mold making, to injection molding and a wide range of additional services such as welding, printing, and assembly.

Design & Development

We provide design services for injection-molded products, supporting customers with CAD design, material selection,  through to guidance on tooling and costs. Our in-house 3D printing and development tooling solutions enable our customers to translate concept to full scale manufacturing.

Molds and Tooling

Our ISO9001-accredited on-site mold shop enables effective mold making as services are carried on site. Our experienced toolmakers guarantee high quality and fit for purpose tooling. We ensure your tool will always be ready for the each run by keeping a strict tool maintenance program in place.

Injection Molding

Our two ISO9001-accredited manufacturing sites are home to over 80+ machines ranging in size from 30 to 1050 tonnes, and are ran by highly skilled technicians. We are able to process a wide range of thermoplastic materials, including high engineering grade plastics.

Post-Molding Services

We provide services beyond injection molding to meet our customers’ requirements. This include fitting of inserts, ultrasonic welding, printing, heat sealing, hot stamping, and light assembly. We also have a network of partners who we work with to complement our in-house capabilities.


Presisi Group is fully accredited for the manufacture of molds, and for injection molding of thermoplastic molding materials under the scope of our ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

This is underpinned by our 35+ years of expertise and a well-established reputation for high precision engineering, quality and reliability within the Indonesian plastics industry.



As one of Indonesia's leading manufacturers of precision engineered molding tools and injection-molded plastic components, Presisi Group has long been a preferred supplier for a wide range of Indonesian and global businesses, from small start-ups to established multinationals.



Since its establishment in 1983, Presisi Group has established itself as a leader in Indonesia's mold making and plastic injection molding industry. Our philosophy emphasizes continuous improvement aimed at stimulating dynamic, prudent, and sustainable growth through effective management of our human and industrial resources.

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